With this document, QUERIMONIA, in the Middle Ages (1175) the inhabitants of the Val d’Aran (valley in the Catalan Pyrenees) signed a treaty with their King James II of Aragon, Catalonia and Valencia with which they were granted the privilege to make use and be in possession of their own pastures, forests and waters. On August 23rd, 1313, James II king of Aragon, Catalonia and Valencia, drew up the document known as ERA QUERIMONIA in which the Aranese were awarded a series of rights.

The Aranese are entitled to their own woodland and forests with freedom to cut wood for their own use and convenience. They may hunt in the woods, cut grass for winter and allow their animals to graze in these lands. Other chapters refer to other interesting rights.

My personal interest in this document comes from the importance it had during the time when refugees crossed the Pyrenees between 1936-45. Thanks to the mountain inhabitants having free access and use of the mountains, their knowledge of the terrain was such that refugees were helped and sheltered successfully by mountain guides.