Shelter in the Woods

Thousands of people were persecuted and some happily saved thanks to the mountain guides (local mountain people who helped many cross the treacherous terrain of the Pyrenees). Many arrived at the border crossings without any papers …arrived from all over: Poland, Hungary, etc.
The 1941 Clandestine organisation (Armee Jueve) was formed to save as many lives as possible through the mountains.
Many succeeded in crossing the Pyrenees mountains with the sole aim to reach Barcelona and, from there, make their exile travels to Palestine, America or North Africa.

photo 2


Joseph Sagal- Testimony.

We were stopped by the civil guards and told to spend the night at this shelter in Les. They would be sending us back to France the following morning.

We will never forget this old lady who looked out of the window crying. She begged us to come up and get her but we couldn’t, our lives were at great risk. We jumped out of the window in the middle of the night and escaped. We found out later that she, together with her family, was taken to a concentration camp and finally perish in the gas chamber.


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