JOCS FLORALS – Paying homage to 1940 exiled

Catalonia The Jocs Florals originated in 14th century in Toulouse, (Occitaine was then part of Catalonia) and consisted of poetry contests that promoted and celebrated the Catalan language and culture. This was a yearly event intended to keep the poetic language and style of the Occitaine Troubadours alive.

Jocs Florals in exile In the 20th century, mainly during Franco’s regime (from 1940 to 1970), the Jocs Florals were organised by exiled people and took place in various countries around the world, since they were banned in Catalonia. In 1956, Trinity College at Cambridge University hosted the Jocs Florals with great success, thanks to the close friendship between J.M.Batista i Roca, exiled Catalan Politician and intellectual, and Dr.Geoffrey Walker, fellow of Fitzwilliam College. Nowadays Still in the 21st century Catalans continue to migrate to the UK to forge a new future and long-lasting connections with the British people.

Jocs Florals Revival Jocs Florals today aims to strengthen the relationship historically built between Catalan and British People within the familiar cityscape of Cambridge. Hoping to reach a wide spectrum of Cambridge society by extending the historic event once held at the University to the whole city. Jocs Florals today aims to cover not only poetry, but also other categories, such as Literature, Economy, Sciences, Visual Arts, etc. The programme offers a wide range of cultural events across the city of Cambridge involving an eclectic number of guests with Catalan and British backgrounds, who will participate in interactive discussions, workshops, performances and talks. Jocs Florals Cambridge 2014 will take place at CAMBRIDGE UNION SOCIETY, the cradle of Free Speech.