Most of the memories we search for come to us as visual images. Objects break the chronological order of history, giving us a unique experience of the past, blasting open the continuum of history. We all feel attached to our home surroundings: each object placed in the whole recalls a way of life, the objects appearing like ‘mute and motionless echoes of society’.

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The objects collected for this exhibition represent mute testimonies of a way of life. They have been photographed and later printed and exhibited in a fragmented form because they are fragments themselves, traces of the world left behind, treasures that link individual experience with the past. These objects are not just family treasures, they are also representative of your people, your country. The prints have been fragmented but carefully selected and pieced together.

They have been framed in old frames from the museum’s own past, joining your past, your history, with that of Bedford’s history. A relation to the past and a link to the present.

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This exhibit at the Higgins Museum is a direct tribute to everyone who at any point in time, past or present, have come to settle in Bedford. By bringing these objects to the museum, they become part of the Bedfordian social memory.

The task of the museum is to provide a COLLECTIVE SOCIAL MEMORY

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