Installation with pencil drawings on canvas tarpaulin of an earthy sandy colour and waxed. Tarpaulins suspended by ropes. The drawings are a combination of images taken from current news of refugees fleeing their respective homes in search of freedom and possible refuge. The tarpaulin symbolises the possible provisional refuge that displaced people might
adopt when finding themselves in exiled environments.

IMG_2544The projections are images of the Victoria Mines in the Pyrenees referencing the flight of Catalan people across the mountains during the big exodus in 1940. This contrasts dramatically with the more current events in countries around the world with which we have recently been inundated with. By contrasting the historical aspect of exile with the recent events. I am trying to raise people’s awareness of displacement, trauma and fractured lives. With the projection I want to refer to the more ephemeral and ethereal aspect of history, to the seeking out of the memory, which easily disappears when switching off the projector.

‘to install oneself directly in the past in order to form a living connection between the knowledge and the resistance, the representation and the blockage’ (Deleuze)

The knowledge of one’s history is in direct opposition with the ‘blockage’ and the subsequent ‘forgetting’ which it is often essential in order to begin to ‘act’.