My art practice is multidisciplinary and underpinned by a strong sense of cultural, historical and political narrative, exploring the themes of personal identity and remembrance via Catalan culture and a wider theoretical context.

I sample people’s memories of displacement and contrast them to the historical facts in circulation, presenting the fallibility and successes of collective memory as a depository of history.

I aim to raise people’s awareness of history’s oscillation between memory and forgetting, the past and the present and the importance of individual’s own interpretation in a world preoccupied with historical facts and remembrance.

Over the years, a sudden change of vision came through an unexpected event in the Pyrenees mountains, a constant reference point in my work.

The personal (PRESENT) and the testimonial (PAST) met and propelled me to find my own ANGEL OF HISTORY *

In the light of the current refugee/migrant diaspora facing the world today and with a special focus on Europe’s response to the crisis, Past and Present are forced to meet again.


*Angel of History with reference to Walter Benjamin’s Angel of History.